Below are a few outreach opportunities I have been involved with. For a presentation at the UofU undergrad colloquium detailing some of these opportunities, see these google slides.


I am organizing a datathon4justice at the U, focused on environmental justice problems relevant to the Salt Lake City community. These workshops are based on a similar datathon organized by QSIDE in Fall 2021.

Professional Development:

At UNC-CH I took part in a number of workshops related to teaching and my own academic professional development, including:

Workshop for Inclusive Teaching Practices:

In Spring 2019, I co-organized the Workshop for Inclusive Teaching Practices with Paul Kruse and Katri Morgan, held at UNC-CH. I co-organized a second iteration of this workshop with Suzanne Crifo and Katherine Harris that ran virtually on December 5th, 2020.

I am co-organizing an iteration of this workshop for schools in the Salt Lake City area.

Math Modelling Contest Preparation:

In Spring 2020, I was the UNC-CH Math Department’s COMAP MCM/ICM advisor. As part of my department’s contest involvement, I am helping to organize and lead a number of programming workshops and paper discussions for undergraduates. More information about our offerings that spring can be found at our SIAM student chapter’s website. I am organizing a second round of workshops for both SIMIODE's SCUDEM and COMAP's MCM/ICM competitions between Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

In Summer/Fall 2020 I co-organized a series of workshops on math modeling for high school students at UNC-CH. Resources from these workshops can be found here.

In Fall 2021, I co-organized another series of workshops on math modeling for high school students at the University of Utah. More information can be found on our website. These workshops were picked up by SIAM for a Spring 2022 series, which are recorded and available here.

I served as a judge for SIMIODE's SCUDEM V 2020.

I am a triage judge for SIAM's M3 challenge, COMAP's MCM/ICM, and COMAP's HiMCM.

SIAM Education Committee:

I am the student representative on the SIAM Education Committee, from January 1st, 2019 until December 31st, 2021; as a postdoc I will be a regular committee member from January 1st, 2022 until December 31st, 2024. As part of my role in this committee, I organized the SIAM booth at the USA Science and Engineering festival in Washington D.C., online due to COVID19, as well as SIAM's presence at the 2021 National Math Festival.

Math Circles:

I was involved with the Chapel Hill Math Circle from Fall 2016 to Spring 2021. I have written many of the advanced (high school) worksheets, which can be found on the CHMC website.

In Summer 2020, I worked with the Orlando Math Circle to prepare a week long workshop introducing mathematical modeling to high school students, and led weekly meetings for a few weeks afterwards to prepare students for the COMAP high school math modeling competition.

Learning Communities:

In Spring 2019 I led a learning community on Mathematical Pedagogy at UNC-CH. See the LC website for more information.

Girls Talk Math:

Girls Talk Math is a summer program for students of underrepresented genders at UNC-CH, in which they discover advanced mathematics, write a blog post about what they learn, and record a podcast about a female mathematician whose work relates to what the group learned about. More information can be found on the Girls Talk Math website.

I co-authored two of the worksheets for Girls Talk Math: one on knots, and one on the classification of compact surfaces.

Math Gems:

From Spring 2017 to Spring 2021 I ran the “Mathematical Gems” seminar series at UNC-CH, an opportunity for undergraduates to research, prepare, and present talks on interesting facts, theorems, tidbits, etc. Read more at the seminar website.