Wesley Hamilton

I graduated with a Ph.D. in math from UNC-Chapel Hill, where I worked with Jeremy Marzuola on spectral theory and consistency properties of graph Laplacians. I have also dabbled with problems in shape optimization, machine learning, topological data analysis, and computational biology.

I am currently working at MathWorks on K-12 outreach initiatives. Previously I was a Wylie Assistant Professor at the University of Utah.

I was part of the MAA's Project NExT Gold '21 cohort.

Here are some of my publications and works in progress.

In Spring 2021 I was funded by and took part in SAMSI's Program on Data Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences; I was also funded by SAMSI in Fall 2019 for their deep learning program. In Fall 2020 I was funded by the UNC Graduate School as an I4 boundary spanner, collaborating with UNC affiliated non-profits to assist North Carolina communities during the COVID19 pandemic and the ensuing social and economic recovery.

I was actively involved in the Chapel Hill Math Circle. A number of worksheets I and my colleagues have written are being collected into a book.

I have organized festival appearances for SIAM as member of the SIAM Education Committee. Most recently I organized the SIAM booth and invited speakers for the (virtual) 2021 National Math Festival.

I co-organized a second iteration of the Workshop for Inclusive Teaching Practices, online in 2021 due to COVID.

I was inducted into UNC's Frank Porter Graham Graduate and Professional Honor Society (FPGGPHS) at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Here are a number of conferences I've attended, or will attend. If you know me (or otherwise) and would like to meet up, feel free to reach out!

My email is <my last name> AT math DOT utah DOT edu.

Here is my CV as of 06/2021.