Math Modelling Resources

for High School Students

vIITSEC slides

Here are the slides used during the vIITSEC presentation by Kate Daftari and myself.

Here is the google sheets file with the SIR demonstration.

HiMCM preparatory workshops

Here are slides and other materials used for the HiMCM preparatory workshops I co-organized. As more materials are finalized, they will get added to the folder.

COMAP also hosted a webinar introducing students, parents, teachers, and more to the structure and benefits of competing in COMAP competitions. The recorded webinar, and more resources, can be found here.

COMAP HiMCM and IMMC winning submissions

Here are some recent winning solutions from COMAP's HiMCM and IMMC competitions; during our workshops, we used these in conjunction with the slides "2-2_Winning Submissions Analysis" in the folder linked above.

Solutions are used with permission from COMAP Inc.

HiMCM papers are copyright COMAP Inc. and reference the HiMCM contest.

Solutions are used with permission from IMMC.

IMMC papers are copyright IMMC and reference the IMMC contest.